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What do WE do?

PANELS: Meter and Sub Panels - installation, upgrade, repair or rebuild. Warranty - up to a  lifetime.

NEW CIRCUITS: 240V or 120V circuits for spa, air conditioner, stove, oven, dryer, etc.

TROUBLESHOOTING is our specialty. Utilization of state of the art tracing equipment allows us to find and fix shorts and open neutrals in a fraction of the time.

LIGHTING: Indoor - fluorescent, recessed, chandeliers, and sconces.
                Replacing fluorescent ballasts.
                Lamps and sockets. Light fixtures repair.
                Outdoor: low voltage (malibu), sensor lights etc.

INSTALL: Switches and Outlets 
               Dimmer and Timers
               Ceiling Fans - install or repair
               Attic Fans    - install or repair  

POOL EQUIPMENT: Install, Replace or Repair - motors, pumps, filters, timers,
                               spa and pool controls.

In the world of electrical WE DO IT ALL!!!